Isgor Y.G., Isgor B.S., "Kinases and Glutathione Transferases: selective and sensitive targeting", (invited), Frontiers in Biology, 6(2): 156-169 pp., 2011, DOI: 10.1007/s11515-011-1112-z

Text Box: For a long time researchers considered that cancer related enzyme targets shold be handled alone to define new drugs for therapy. 
After  discovering that the enzymes that are not directly involved in cancer progress, however are participating in signaling responsible for disease progress.
This invited review briefly analyzes the recent efforts in the field, how different family of enzymes work in concordance, and how one can develop drugs with more sensitive and selective targeting, that is more therapeutic benefits.
This review is the first paper in the field that directly analyzes the recent changes in the field and how those are contributed for current drug discovery efforts.