Keskin T, Isgor BS, Isgor YG, Yukruk F, "Evaluation of Perylenediimide derivatives for potential therapeutic benefits on cancer chemotherapy", Chemical Biology & Drug Design (ISI) ,80: 675-681 pp., 2012 , DOI: 10.1111/cbdd.12004

Text Box: The most common amino acids in metabolism are alanine and glutamic acid, and hence, use of those as modifying substituent may improve the body residence time of compounds.  This is important for targeting tissues with less toxic but more soluble compounds, such as those described in this paper. 
In this study, the researchers from Balikesir University have synthesized a novel derivatives of perylene, which are well known in dye industry and electrochemical applications. 
The study is the first example of evaluation of such derivatives for cancer related enzyme targets with significant results.