Isgor B.S., Isgor Y.G., Ozalp-Yaman S., "Role of Metal Coordination Complexes on Cytosolic Cellular Defense", IUPAC Pure and Applied Science (ISI) , Accepted Article pp., 2012 , DOI: PAC-CON-12-06-10

Text Box: This study will be published with February 2013 issue of IUPAC PAC journal.
This issue covers a collection of invited papers based on presentations at the 12th Eurasia Conference on Chemical Sciences (Eurasia 12), Corfu, Greece, 16–21 April 2012.
The presentation of this study and the biochemical analysis and evaluation of complexes were performed by Dr. B.S.Isgor. 
The complexes were obtained from  inorganic chemistry laboratory  where they were synthesized for different  research purposes.