Research and Training

The aim of the research activities held by the biochemistry research group is to† establish and develop tools to maintain multidisciplinary scientific efforts with robust methods resulting reproducible and accurate data to be shared with scientific community. Also developing and tailoring research portfolio to build a bridge between multidisciplinary groups is part of our current efforts in the field.

Laboratory activities are tailored to provide to students the opportunities to participate in different stages of research projects from basics to advanced research activities.

The research projects are classified according to the different aspects of projects held:

-Basic molecule screening against known biological targets ,or vice versa;

-Developing robust methods for routine analysis of enzyme targets, synthetic, semi-synthetic molecules, and natural products;

-Developing tools for user-friendly image-processing applications with collaborators

-Evaluating natural products to identify sustainable sources for industrial applications;

-Developing novel tools and methods to define nanotechnology based product toxicities or their effectiveness on certain targets.

In addition to the lab's main aim, the efforts are continuously focused on establishing a link between basic sciences and engineering applications by employing tools to enhance current activities in the field.

In basic research, several collaborations through intramural and extramural research groups and institutions, biochemistry research group is working on different aspects of natural product research, molecular target identification, drug-like molecule characterization, target enzyme profiling, compound profiling on a selected protein or enzyme target, assay miniaturization, and biotechnology and medicinal biochemistry aspects of nano-technological products.

Also the current research activities include bio-compatible nanoparticle development and characterize as therapeutic and diagnostic compounds.