Biochemistry Research Laboratory

Assist. Prof. Dr. Belgin S. gr

Biochemistry Research Laboratory

Department of Chemical Engineering

and Applied Chemistry


Phone: 0312 5868386 (office)

Room : A2-3056


Biochemistry research lab was established on 2005 and became fully functional since 2008. It was part of the chemistry group between 2005 and 2010, then, after the new department was established , the laboratory became the biochemical and biological spine of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry (CEAC) Department infrastructure.

The aim of the research activities held by the biochemistry research group is to establish a link between basic sciences and engineering applications by employing tools to enhance current activities in the field.

In basic research, several collaborations through intramural and extramural research groups and institutions, biochemistry research group is working on different aspects of natural product research, molecular target identification, drug-like molecule characterization, target enzyme profiling, compound profiling on a selected protein or enzyme target, assay miniaturization, and biotechnology and medicinal biochemistry aspects of nano-technological products.

Current research activities also include bio-compatible nanoparticle synthesis and their characterization as drug carriers for controlled drug delivery tool development, and the characterization of different class of compounds for their capacity to use as therapeutic and diagnostic agents.

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